Pro Choice Alliance


Our Values:

We believe that social justice, safety, human rights and dignity for women must be paramount in public policy and private practice in emerging biotechnologies.

We believe that treatments, devices, and pharmaceuticals developed with public funds should be accessible and affordable to all.

We believe in respect for women as decision-makers about their own health, and that in order to make good decisions about participation in research, women must be given accurate and unbiased information and be free from coercive, misleading, and deceptive practices.

We believe that particular attention must be paid to vulnerable research subjects, especially given the history of exploitation in medical research of women, people of color, the mentally ill, and people with disabilities.

We believe that conflicts of interest undermine the quality of research performed, the protection of research subjects, and access to care. They should be eliminated.

In regards to stem cell and genetic research:

We believe there must be appropriate public oversight and accountability of stem cell research, including research conducted under California’s Proposition 71.

We believe that egg extraction for research purposes poses serious risks to women’s health and fertility, and therefore, if allowed, must be done only under the highest standards to minimize those risks. Women who wish to provide eggs for research should be offered alternatives to ovarian stimulation.

We believe that genes, stem cell lines, and human genetic materials should not be patented.